Drying Wet Buildings
Since - 1997

Testimonial from Betty P.

After experiencing a significant amount of water damage in her residential home, Betty P. contacted us at LMS Restoration to help fix the damage with our restoration services. Emergency restoration services immediately went into affect after learning that water damaged her bedrooms, laundry room, carpets, sheetrock, and walls, leaving her with a flooded home.

Once our LMS Restoration service technicians began water damage restoration, Betty was pleased with the process and the team's commitment to get her home back to the way it was before. She complimented two of our service technicians Cody and David for being "extremely nice gentlemen." She said they were very efficient, fast, and appeared very knowledgable throughout the process. She also admired Cody for being a great LMS Restoration employee and "an amazing young man!"

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LMS Restoration testimonial from a satisfied client.