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LMS Restoration’s Water Damage Inspection Equipment

When LMS Restoration visits your Texas or Oklahoma property for a free water damage inspection, you can expect an accurate analysis and recommendations. We have over 15 years of experience with state-of-the art equipment to get the most comprehensive assessment of your property’s post-flooding condition. Our gear allows us to collect necessary information in your water intrusion situation, eliminating guesswork and helping us devise the most effective restoration strategy applicable.

Equipment we bring to water damage inspections:

  • Thermal cameras – Thermal imaging may seem high-tech, but they’ve really been here for quite a while now. They’re used in a lot of industries and the water damage restoration scene is one of them. Thermal cameras aid LMS Restoration’s water damage inspection process by showing us where water exists when the naked eye cannot see it. Being an excellent conductor of heat, water will always stand out from wood, concrete and even metal backdrops when viewed with a thermal camera. Water’s temperature difference and shape irregularities give it a very distinct look from a thermal imaging perspective, allowing us to spot it even in dark and tight spaces.
  • Thermal hygrometers – Excess moisture over time can cause water damage to your property. Part of LMS Restoration’s job is making sure that the moisture levels in your home or facility are back to normal after we complete a project. To do that, we use devices called thermal hygrometers. Thermal hygrometers are designed to measure an environment’s relative temperature and humidity. LMS Restoration starts off by getting readings on the conditions outside your property to check what can be considered normal moisture. This then serves as the baseline for the readings we get in the water-damaged areas of your building. From the data we collect, we can tell how far above normal the water vapor levels are within your property. The thermal hygrometers will also indicate when our dehumidifiers have done enough to clear your property of excess water vapor.
  • Moisture probes – When we need to check for moisture within carpets, walls or ceilings, moisture probes can be deployed. These small, two-pronged devices bore into surfaces and check for signs of water. They can indicate the presence of moisture, but not the quantity.

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  • Moisture meters – Once moisture probes find traces of water, we use moisture meters to measure how much of it there is. Moisture meters use either electricity or radio waves to gauge water seepage quantities in your property. They generally come in two types: intrusive and non-intrusive variants.
    • Intrusive moisture meters are cane-like instruments that have two pins on one end. These pins are used to pierce through surfaces that may be hiding moisture. Once the pins penetrate the surface, they emit electricity and the instrument gets a reading of how much resistance there is. Based on the level of electrical resistance, the amount of moisture can be calculated. Intrusive moisture meters are sometimes not used because property owners want to avoid punching holes into floors, walls or ceilings.
    • Non-intrusive moisture meters, on the other hand, do not need to use pins and electricity to get readings. They use radio waves to detect water even if it is behind wood or concrete. They’re called non-intrusive because all we have to do to collect data is point them to spots where we suspect water seepage to be happening. There is no need to do small-scale damage on your home or facility to get the desired information.
  • Remote monitoring – LMS Restoration’s job doesn’t end after we leave your home or workplace. We leave behind remote monitoring equipment that indicates the degree of moisture in the property. Our technicians also come by to inspect the process and make necessary adjustment

If you recently had indoor flooding in your property, call LMS Restoration immediately. Quick action can minimize water damages and save you thousands of dollars. Our courteous and professional staff is ready to talk to you anytime. Call 281-572-8798 or leave a message in our Contact Us page to schedule a free water damage inspection today!