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Appliance Leak Cleanup in Houston and Galveston, TX

Many homeowners have experienced the hassle of going home to find out that the washing machine, refrigerator, water heater, or other appliance has leaked and water is all over the floor. It can be quite a mess and worse, it can cause expensive water damages to floors, walls, and furniture. In some cases, large amounts of water may be involved which requires a restoration company to perform water damage restoration and appliance leak cleanup.

Sometimes, an appliance leak may be too small for you to even notice. By the time you see the damage, it’s usually too late. Luckily, at LMS Restoration Houston, we have state-of-the-art water detection tools to identify moisture in places where you don’t expect it.

Handling Appliance Leaks Properly

In the case of appliance leaks, water removal, drying, and cleaning is just not enough. You have to identify the source of the leak and fix it. Otherwise, you will end up with the same problem over and over again. LMS Restoration Houston's restoration team are experts in dealing with appliance leaks. We can dispatch our restoration technicians right away once you call, but while you wait, there are a few things you can do to minimize water damage:

  • Turn off the appliance causing the leak. If you’ve done that and the water is still leaking, turn off the main water supply.
  • Turn off the main electric switch if the leak is near a power outlet.
  • Soak up as much water as you can using mops and towels.
  • If the leak isn’t near any power outlet and there’s no need to turn off the power, turn on your air conditioner or dehumidifier to remove moisture.
  • Remove furniture and other items away from the affected area. It the furniture is too heavy to move, try raising them up by putting blocks underneath.
  • In case the water leak is coming from the ceiling, place a bucket under it.

Call LMS Restoration Houston for Water Damage Restoration in Galveston & Houston

LMS Restoration Houston has been helping customers in Houston and Galveston areas with water damage restoration and other restoratin services since 1972. We have professional equipment to handle all kinds of water damage restoration jobs. Our high capacity water pumps can quickly remove huge amounts of water from your property which is particularly useful when a burst water heater suddenly pours several gallons of water inside your home. We can also detect moisture using our infrared cameras and probing equipment to remove hard to reach water damage and prevent mold growth.

Our restoration technicians are properly trained and certified by the IICRC - the organization that ensures the highest standards in the cleaning and restoration industry. They are also experts in dealing with appliance leaks and subsequent water damages.

When you need water damage restoration, fire damage restoration or other immediate restoration services in Greater Houston and Galveston, TX, don't hesitate to contact LMS Restoration Houston at 281-572-8798. You can also visit our contact us page to send a message.