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Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Houston and Galveston, TX

A plumbing overflow is one of the primary causes of indoor flooding in American homes. Now, for the sake of clarity, there’s a slight difference between plumbing overflow and sewer backup. Plumbing overflow occurs when there’s a block in the plumbing system and the water has nowhere to go but back to where it entered. On the other hand, sewer backup happens when flood water or too much rainwater enters the drains and water exits backward through a property’s plumbing system. Both can cause expensive water damages to a property.

Additionally, water that already passed through the plumbing system and goes back and floods the house may be infected with harmful microorganisms. So if you’re a homeowner experiencing a plumbing overflow, don’t try to fix it yourself. You will need the help of cleaning and restoration professionals who are trained and have the right gear and equipment to handle potentially hazardous sewer water. Luckily, at LMS Restoration Houston, we have certified restoration technicians who are skilled and well-equipped to handle plumbing overflows.

Plumbing Overflow Sanitation: Types of Flood Water

Understanding the categories of water that can flood a property is important to fully comprehend the dangers of a plumbing overflow. Below are the types of indoor flood water categorized by the level of contamination.

Category I - This is a kind of water that doesn’t pose a threat to humans and can even be considered “clean water.” Overflows from water heaters, bathtubs, and such are considered Category I water and in most cases, harmless.

Category II - Category II flood water is called “grey water.” If the water contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that can be harmful to humans, it’s considered Category II. This includes water from the toilet that contains urine but not feces, water discharge from dishwashers and washing machines, and water from sump pump failure. Grey water can cause sickness in humans.

Category III - Also referred to as “black water,” Category III water contains unsanitary and harmful microorganisms. This is the worst kind of floodwater and can cause severe discomfort and sickness in humans. This includes water from sewers and rising water from rivers or streams. Grey water can turn into black water if left to stand and not removed promptly.

To reiterate, plumbing overflow water may be highly dangerous to your health. We recommend that you contact LMS Restoration Houston immediately to fix plumbing overflow.

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