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Insulation Removal

LMS Restoration removes old, damaged insulation

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Protecting Your Home Family Tornados

We offer important tips on how to protect your home and family in the event of disasters like tornado.

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Is It Possible To Protect Your Home Against Wind Damage

LMS Restoration specializes in the cleanup and restoration of wind and storm-damaged properties.

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Spotting Warning Signs Of Water Damage

You will need to check the condition of the materials of the walls if you see water stains.

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Preventing The Growth Of Mold Colonies In Your Home In Paris Texas

Mold may look harmless but it has devastating effects on your home unless controlled. Here are some tips for doing so.

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Learning About Fire Extinguisher Ratings For Your Home

Implement a fire safety plan and invest in a fire extinguisher. Not all fires are made equal.

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What You Can Do During A Flood

You need to know what you can do during a flood in order to protect your safety and keep water damage to a minimum.

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Primary Causes Burst Water Pipes

Learn how to prevent burst water pipes in your home or business property in Paris, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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Smoke Soot Can Harm Your Family Property

Aside from causing damage to your property in Texas or Oklahoma, smoke and soot from fire accidents can also harm your family’s well-being.

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What You Need Do Immediately After Storm

Storms like hurricanes and tornadoes could affect your home in Texas or Oklahoma. Make sure you know what to do to prevent injuries and illnesses.

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Important Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

If you are a Texas or Oklahoma homeowner who would like to keep your family safe from the dangers of fire accidents, read this short list of safety tips.

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Top Causes Water Heater Leaks Overflows

Ignoring a leaking water heater can lead to such problems as damaged structural integrity of walls and floors due to water saturation, formation of molds, and even flooding.

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