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Burst Water Pipe Restoration in Houston & Galveston, TX

Most burst water pipe situations occur during the cold months when cold air causes water to expand. When water reaches freezing point, it expands in the water pipes and eventually causes the water pipe to burst.

Any kind of pipe material can burst from the pressure of expanding freezing water - plastic, PVC, lead, copper, iron - you name it. A water pipe burst can cause you to lose hundreds of gallons of water per hour, potentially causing thousands of dollars in water damage, and increasing the likelihood of mold growth. If you ever have a burst water pipe at your home or commercial property, act quickly to minimize water damage and avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs. Contact LMS Restoration Houston immediately and we guarantee a quick response for any water damage restoration service in Houston and Galveston, TX.

What To Do For a Burst Water Pipe

When you contact LMS Restoration Houston, we will immediately dispatch our restoration specialists to your property. While waiting on our team to arrive, you can check to make sure there is no water near electrical outlets and if there is, make sure to turn off your main power switch immediately. If there are furniture, electrical appliances, and other items near the flooded area, try to move them to a dry place.

Upon arrival, our trained restoration technicians will assess the extent of the damage right away. Our high-capacity pumps will handle quick water removal. Then once the water is removed, we can repair the burst pipe. But it doesn’t end there. There will still be moisture, and if you have carpets, they will most likely be soaked. We use powerful dehumidifiers to remove moisture that can’t be removed using our water pumps. We can also pinpoint wet and moist areas that you can't necessarily see using our top-of-the-line infrared cameras. By making sure the affected area is completely dry and free of any moisture, mold growth can be avoided. We then proceed with the cleanup process. We can also help with content restoration in case some of your furniture and other belongings got wet and are at risk of water damage.

Trust LMS Restoration Houston for Water Damage Restoration in Galveston & Houston

LMS Restoration Houston has been in the restoration and cleanup industry since 1972. We have helped thousands of property owners in Houston and Galveston recover from fire damage, water damage, mold growth, and other disasters. Our restoration technicians are certified by the IICRC - the organization that sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industry. Our crew uses the best equipment and gear available to provide the most advanced water damage restoration techniques. These are just some of the reasons why you can rely on LMS Restoration Houston for excellent service.

At LMS Restoration Houston, we also understand how difficult and stressful it can be to experience having your home flooded or affected by fire. We know that you don’t need the additional stress of having to deal with your insurance company, which is why we also work with your insurance provider and bill them directly.

For more information or for emergency response to your water damage situation in Galveston and Houston areas, please call 281-572-8798. You can also use our contact us page to send us an online message.