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Disaster Restoration for Healthcare Facilities in Houston & Galveston, TX

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical offices, and assisted living facilities must always be operational and in full compliance no matter what happens. LMS Restoration understands this well, and our technicians are trained to handle restoration jobs for healthcare facilities.

Each year, up to 7,000 deaths are believed to occur in hospitals and other healthcare facilities due to nosocomial infections, or infections caught in a hospital that are most probably caused by antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. And here’s the thing: these infections can be caused by contractors and construction workers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities who did not follow the infection control protocol. To manage risk and liability, hospitals and medical facilities are hiring restoration companies who understand the importance of following the standards set by ICRA or the International Cleaning and Restoration Association.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the organization that accredits hospitals, mandates that the ICRA standards should be followed during construction work in healthcare facilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends following the ICRA standards during renovation or restoration work.

LMS Restoration and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

LMS Restoration is certified by the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). LMS has the Healthcare Construction certification which aims to improve awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the healthcare construction environment. Of course, the main goal is to improve the quality of patient care—and construction workers and contractors have a big role in reaching that goal.

To be certified by ASHE, our technicians have a good grasp of infection control. Infectious microbes are invisible and often not given much attention in other restoration settings, but it’s different in healthcare facilities. Contractors must be aware of how diseases can spread and must be strict in following protocols. Also, our technicians must understand the healthcare environment and how sensitive patients can be. Dust, noise, and vibration can negatively impact patient health. Also, hospitals use sensitive equipment that may be damaged by careless contractors simply by doing their job and not being aware of their impact.

To reiterate, choosing a restoration company that understands and respects the importance of following ICRA protocols is essential for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

LMS Restoration Services for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

LMS Restoration technicians are certified by ASHE and follow the standards set by ICRA strictly. We know that the well-being of patients is at stake so we take extra care to be aware of the impact of our work on patients and hospital equipment. Below are some of the services we provide for healthcare facilities:

  • Emergency Power and Distribution
  • Emergency Board up and Clean up
  • HIPAA Compliant Record Handling
  • Monitoring and tracking for adherence to infection control as mandated by the Joint Commission
  • Dust Containment, proper removal and humidity/moisture control
  • Temporary HVAC
  • Flood and Water Mitigation
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation and Restoration
  • Area Stabilization and Containment
  • Mold and Environmental Remediation
  • Bacterial Remediation
  • Integrated Demolition and Repairs

You can send us a message using our Contact Us page to request more information about our health and hospital facility restoration services. If you want to speak to a representative, please call 281-572-8798.