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Testimonial From Hugh Harlton of Chalmette, LA

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To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Don Preston and his company, LMS Restoration.  Post Hurricane Isaac, our schools were in condition that prohibited them from being ready for our students. Most notably, there were extreme humidity and moisture issues that arose when the air conditioning systems were knocked off line for several days due to the loss of power as a result of Hurricane Isaac.

LMS Restoration was called on the Thursday, following the storm, to dehumidify the schools and remediate to prevent potential mold problems. Once Don was contacted, LMS Restoration moved very quickly and within  hours had dehumidification equipment in place. Don and his restoration team worked non-stop over the weekend and Labor Day holiday to prepare our schools for opening on the Tuesday following Labor Day.

Don’s knowledge and professionalism, as well as LMS Restoration’s commitment and dedication to the job were key factors in the success of getting our schools ready for our students in such a short time.

Hugh Harlton
Purchasing & Insurance Manager
St. Bernard Parish School District