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Testimonial From Kody Donaldson in Idabel, OK

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My name is Kody Donaldson. I own an insurance agency in Idabel, Oklahoma. A few months ago LMS Restoration offered a free training class for Insurance Agents over flood restoration. The class was conducted at their facilities in Paris Texas. It was a very good class with great facilities and even better people.

The very next week I had my first water damage claim. The client called me at 6:30 on a Saturday morning; devastated at what laid before them with no idea what to do or who to call. I explained to them that the most important thing to do was to get up all of the excess water and to call a restoration company. I named a few and told my client that the people from LMS Restoration were very nice and that they would probably do a good job. Well, “good job” was an understatement. My client was so pleased with the cleanup work that they went on and used LMS for all of the repair work as well.

A few weeks later I was dragging around one morning trying to get myself on the move and noticed my seven year old daughter was sitting in front of the TV all dressed and ready to go. Now, you would have to know my daughter to completely comprehend the amount of surprise that I was dealing with at that moment. We normally have to drag her out of bed by her feet. It was unusual to say the least. I finally pulled myself together and we were just about to leave the house when my lovely daughter made a discovery. She had left her bathroom sink running with the drain plug in. Yes, I did say “WITH THE DRAIN PLUG IN”!!!! Why…… What was your reason for…… Why would you…… were just a few of the questions that I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs. To say that I had lost my temper would have been an understatement. However, there was no time for me to throw a fit. I had to figure out a way to get this… pond out of my house. Apparently, she had gotten up a long time ago and brushed her teeth almost immediately, because the water had flooded the bathroom, the bedroom, and the closet. And I do mean flooded.

This was way too big of a project for me to tackle, so I called the first one who came to mind “LMS Restoration” and they saved the day, not to mention my daughter’s life. I found out first hand why my client was so pleased with them. I live an hour and a half from Paris and they were there almost immediately. They were extremely nice and knew exactly what to do. I can honestly say the when they left all of the affected area was cleaner than before, before my daughters little glitch that is.

I would recommend LMS Restoration to anyone; no matter the job; big or small.

Thank You LMS Restoration,
Kody Donaldson
Farmers Insurance
Idabel, OK