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A House Troubled by Water:
Spotting Warning Signs of Water Damage

water stains on the walls

Your home may already be sinking in the quagmire of water damage and you may not be aware until it is too late. Learn to recognize the warning signs that each part of your house tells you so you can act on it before the damage gets worse. LMS Restoration compiled these little details into a list so you can run a check:



  • Missing or brittle shingles
  • Curling along the edge
  • Cracks along the surface
  • Gutter filled with debris
  • Water copiously falling from the gutter
  • Stripped or cracked flashing


  • Water stains on the attic ceiling
  • Dampness on the walls
  • Wallpaper flecking off
  • Paint bubbling or chipping away

External Walls:

  • Blistering or chipping paint
  • Rot on the walls
  • Cracks in doorway and window caulks
  • Damaged stucco

Doors and Windows:

  • Drafts coming from doors and windows
  • Water stains
  • Precipitation build-up on windows
  • Chipped caulk


  • Leaks
  • Dripping faucets
  • Non-working exhaust fans
  • Damp vanities
  • Stain on ceiling


  • Flaking of paint jobs
  • Strong odors
  • Moisture on walls

When you see these signs, it means that water damage may already have taken root. You will need to check the condition of the materials of the walls if you see water stains. Significant moisture in an area will result in the development of mold colonies and remediating the effects of mold is usually expensive. A little proactive inspection every now and then can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

In case you need help halting or resolving the consequences of water damage in Texas and Oklahoma, you only need to get in touch with LMS Restoration to handle your water damage inspection for fast and quality results. Our team of technicians can handle carpet water damage, toilet overflow cleanup, water pipe burst, and heater overflow. You can get in touch with us at our 281-572-8798 and through the contact form on this page. For lasting value, quality workmanship, creative solutions and your unparalleled satisfaction, you only need LMS Restoration.